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Immediate Load courses, Non-traumatic Sinus Lift with amazing new procedures, Bone Graft Rehabilitation, Hybrid Dentures with Pink Customization and Tooth Individualization in our in-house laboratory.

We perform both advanced and basic courses for every level.We have dental courses always going on but this ones are our residents, our must.

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Dr. Ruth P. Alfayate, Root Canal Treatments Specialist, Professor at the European University Madrid and author of multiple publications, teach along with Dr. Víctor Cubillo, implantologist and co-founder of the ArtOn Systems Immediate Loading System, the specialized and most innovative courses on Tooth Preservation versus Implants.


Learn the technique of this revolutionary procedure. INPUT360 Dental Marketing is the abroad training center of Maxillent, the international implant manufacturer that has developed this innovative system.

This training comes with free time around the Island and many activities that only Tenerife can offer. Don´t miss it.


ArtOn Systems provide you with a range of immediate loading hybrid prostheses that will ease all the procedure and make the treatment more affordable for your patients, gaining access to new segments that cannot afford the implant solutions the market offers.

An alternative that, thanks to the delivery of the definitive prosthesis the very same day of the surgery -in less than 12 hours-, will make the most of your resources by applying the surgical protocols and bite registration procedures through a patented and unique system.

You will receive the training you need, adapted to your necessities, provided directly by Dr. Víctor Cubillo, co-inventor of ArtOn 4. Ask us about our basic and advanced courses and our tailor-made clinical stays.

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