Input 360 Dental & Medical Marketing has organized many dental courses at Artedental, their own clinic. It has been such an interest that today the centre is visited by professionals and surgeons throughout Europe, in the same way that the Artedental team moves to other clinics on the continent.

As a complement to these clinical stays, the Artedental dental technician, Volker Samrei, also responsible for the creation of ArtOn 4®, directs the technical stays of this solution, since many technicians are interested in replicating it in their laboratories.

Input 360 Dental & Medical Marketing has become the only training company authorised in the Canary Islands by the Israeli manufacturer and provider of innovative dental solutions, Maxillent, to train other outsiders professionals in its revolutionary sinus floor lift system.

Maxillent has made this operation, one of the most feared among dentists and patients, an atraumatic procedure, that is to say, painless, thanks to a type of implant whose characteristics avoid having to carry out two interventions.

Today, Input 360 Dental & Medical Marketing offers its clinic as a training centre for other dentists in the islands who want to execute this technique in their clinics, in addition to being the first in the Canary Islands to offer this solution, all a great comfort for their patients.

To further increase Artedental’s educational reach, its medical director and also responsible for the creation of ArtOn 4®, Dr. Víctor Cubillo, offers online tutorials and seminars to professionals about some of the most innovative products from different national and international implant houses.

Artedental has therefore become one of the reference clinics in the islands in terms of training, in addition to offering its patients some of the latest generation market solutions, impossible to find in other Canary Islands centres, as well as difficult availability in other clinics in the country and in Europe.

Thanks to a multidisciplinary and multilingual team, many of their patients, mostly foreigners, have left the clinics of their countries of origin to turn Artedental into their dental centre, which they attend religiously every year, and bring relatives and friends .

Bernd Fiedler, one of the foreign patients of Artedental for more than a decade, says: “I was very sensitive to pain, and now I have been a patient of Artedental for 12 years. I have regained confidence in myself, something I couldn’t achieve in Germany and that, moreover, I could not have afforded.”

And this is undoubtedly another of the advantages offered by Artedental: in addition to having the latest dentistry techniques available to its patients, it can offer prices that are much more competitive than those offered in the countries of northern Europe.