Input 360 Dental & Medical Marketing launched the ArtOn 4® in a quite creative way. Dr. Cubillo and Dr. Marais performed a live immediate load surgery using this system the day before the lecture that was seen via streaming through YouTube. 24 hours later, the day of the conference, they placed the definitive prosthesis created by the dental technician and technical director of ArtOn Systems, Volker Samrei, in less than 8 hours. And they set it in at the stage, in front of the whole audience, after displaying a fantastic video resume of the procedure, produced by Input 360 Dental & Medical Marketing. To prove the reliability of the ArtOn 4®, the patient took part in the conference and could be asked by anyone one day after the surgery and just a moment after the placement of the prosthesis. The audience broke into applause, astonished. ArtOn Systems team, along with an overwhelming marketing powered by Input 360, may have turned this lecture into a milestone in Dentistry. All was broadcasted on YouTube by Input 360.

Later, Dr. Víctor Cubillo explained the advantages of this pioneering system that should leave nobody indifferent due to its efficiency and costs.  He showed its advantages at the lecture by describing several cases he and his team have treated during these last years.