A revolutionary prosthetic solution created in Tenerife, among the elite of British dentistry.

Orthdontist Víctor Cubillo Blasco, co-inventor of the prosthetic solution ArtOn 4®  and Medical Director of INPUT 360 Dental and Medical Marketing has been invited by the British Academy of Restorative Dentistry (BARD) to present the properties of this revolutionary system before more than 100 elite dentists.

The presentation takes place during the BARD Conference 2016, one of the highlights of dentistry in Europe, and is held annually in the UK.

This year, the event was being held on June 3rd and 4th in a unique location in the city of Birmingham at the Forest of Arden Marriott Hotel.

ArtOn 4® is a prosthetic solution that is applied in immediate loading surgery, commonly performed when teeth have suffered considerable damage and need to be replaced for functional and aesthetic reasons, either the top or bottom.Such replacement is the prosthesis, which is “loaded” on the implants during the hours after surgery in which they are placed, hence its “immediacy”.

The novelty which ArtOn 4® introduced is that it includes a final prosthesis.

In general, the immediate load requires first a temporary prosthesis for at least six months, so that the implants are adapted and integrated into the bone supporting the teeth. However, with  ArtoOn 4®  that wait is not required.

On the same day of the operation, the patient goes home with the final prosthesis thanks to the materials used in its composition and the structure of ArtOn 4®.

This represents a major advantage from the view-point of the patient, both in cost, and inconvenience and dental visits; and a revolution in dentistry, as it minimises production costs without risking the aesthetics or functionality.

Dr. Cubillo, also a member of the team Input 360 Dental and Medical Marketing , intends to make a practical demonstration of ArtOn 4® with a surgical procedure the day before his presentation via streaming and complete the placement of the prosthesis to the patient directly in front of all attendee, thanks to the participation of the prosthetic director of Artedental and co-inventor of ArtOn 4®, Volker Samrei. Precisely with the act of placing will begin the theoretical exposition of Cubillo about ArtOn 4®: “A Paradigm Shift in Definitive Prosthetic Solutions”. Input 360 Dental and Medical Marketing will take care of this presentation.

The Art On 4® solution, patented, was created by various members of the Artedental team, who researched on the development of this solution for years and formed the company ArtOn Systems ™.

Several dentists and dental technicians of national and international prestige have visited this Puerto clinic in recent months with the aim of forming and implementing this system in their clinics, one of the reasons which led to the interest of an organisation so prominent as the BARD institution.